Electric Vehicles: Maximising Your EV’s Range

Secrets to a Successful Drive

Looking to get the most out of your electric vehicle? You’re not alone! One of the biggest concerns for electric vehicle (EV) drivers is maximizing their vehicle’s range. But don’t worry, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily extend your EV’s range and enjoy a successful drive.

Plan Your Route

Before hitting the road, plan your route using the PoGo app or website map to locate charging stations along the way. Make sure to consider your EV’s range and factor in charging stops as needed. With PoGo’s expanding network of charging stations, you can be confident that you’ll have access to a charger when you need it.

Pump it up

Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended pressure can help improve your EV’s efficiency and range. Underinflated tires can increase resistance, making your vehicle work harder and use more energy.

Use Eco Mode

Most EVs come with an eco mode, which adjusts the vehicle’s performance to maximize energy efficiency. This mode adjusts settings such as the throttle response and air conditioning to prioritize efficiency over performance. By using eco mode, you can extend your range and help conserve energy.

Steady Driving

High speeds can significantly reduce your EV’s range. By maintaining a steady speed and avoiding rapid acceleration and braking, you can help increase your range. Use cruise control when possible to help maintain a consistent speed.

Knowing your Vehicle

EVs come packed with fantastic features. Many are equipped with regenerative braking, which converts the energy used to slow down the car back into electricity to recharge the battery. Practice using regenerative braking to help extend your range. Some EV’s allow you to precondition the cabin temperature while the car is still plugged in and charging. This can help you save battery power by avoiding the need to use the air conditioning while driving.

Energy Hungry Features

Heating, air conditioning and heated seats can quickly drain your EV’s battery. To maximize your range, try to minimize the use of these features whenever possible.

Regular Maintenance

As for any vehicle, carrying out regular maintenance, such as tire rotations, battery checks, and brake pad replacements, can help ensure that your EV is operating at its best and can help maximize your range.

By following these tips, you can reduce range anxiety and ensure a successful, confident drive.

At PoGo, we’re committed to making EV charging simple and convenient. With our expanding network of charging stations and 24/7 driver support, you can be confident that you’ll have everything you need to Power and Go!

So why wait? Join the PoGo EV revolution today and start enjoying the benefits!


4th April 2023

Andrew Lawrie - Marketing Manager

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