PoGo People Spotlight: Chantelle Young

Welcome to the latest edition of “PoGo People Spotlight” where we delve into the stories and experiences of the passionate individuals driving PoGo’s mission. In this series, we uncover the driving forces behind PoGo’s commitment to revolutionise the EV charging industry.

Today, we introduce you to Chantelle Young, Senior Network Development Manager at PoGo, as she shares her insights, journey, and vision for the future.

Role and Experience

In my role as Senior Network Development Manager I work across many aspects from new site acquisitions, thorough site analysis and commercial forecasting for the client, to onboarding new referral partners and managing our largest key accounts. I love working at a fast pace and keeping my clients informed and excited about their upcoming EV charging adventure!

I bring 5 years of extensive client facing parking industry and data analytics experience, primarily specialising in leisure and hospitality. This enables me to offer a number of attributes that I find valuable to not only my clients but to my wider team. Having worked with managing agents, singular site owners and a UK wide portfolio of hospitality chains; for me it’s critical to truly understand the client and their goals to allow us to create a perfectly aligned partnership whilst, enhancing and maximising their wider commercial opportunities.

Every single project we work on at PoGo is very exciting in its own way, however I’d say for me personally, our new partnership developed with the LCP Group is one of our best achievements to date. I am extremely proud to work with such hardworking individuals, and as an EV driver myself I’m looking forward to seeing PoGo ultra-rapid sites installed near me in Bristol through this partnership!  

I’d say the most challenging aspect at the moment is the District Network Operators being able to facilitate the sheer amount of electrical infrastructure required throughout the UK as demand for charging rises significantly. By collaborating closely with the different stakeholders involved in implementing EV charging at a location, we understand how to overcome the potential blockers, allowing us to deliver electrified sites to our clients through the PoGo fully funded offering.

We have invaluable industry knowledge and experience across all members of our Network Development team as well as the wider team. Our covenant strength sets us apart commercially and our backing from the SWARCO Group is invaluable when engaging large scale landlord partners. We work extremely closely as a team with each department being involved in securing new partnerships. Communication is key in an agile ‘start up’ environment, our corporate backing supplemented by this agility of development, delivery and operations makes us a formidable outfit.

Passion for EVs

Coming from a strong mobility background, EV was always a conversation I’d find myself immersed in with clients daily; especially within the hospitality industry as it’s game changer for additional footfall, and for me I’m very interested in the environmental aspects of the ever-changing EV world. It’s safe to say that once the UK hits its Net Zero target, EV’s will be the primary vehicles on our roads. Not one day is the same here, and that’s what I absolutely love, every site and every partner has different requirements which makes each project exciting. The commercial benefits EV charging brings to a landlord is significant in terms of driving footfall, customer attraction and creating a higher value site should they wish to lease or sell on down the line. What’s not exciting about that?

I have the new Audi Q4 E-tron S line and it’s stunning with its sleek design, it’s the best vehicle I’ve had so far (I’m a car girl too!). The best part about it is the mileage which boasts a 310 mile battery range which is perfect when I’m driving cross country visiting clients, however if I won the lottery and they made more than 10 I’d be the first to put my name down for the all new electric Rolls Royce Spectre!

EV Experiences

My first road trip was from Bristol to Newcastle and then down the North-East coastline. To my surprise, it wasn’t as daunting as I thought at first thinking I’d struggle to find a charger, but EV charging nowadays is very easy and effortless. There were a couple of fast chargers so I could be on my way, however what the UK does desperately need is an abundance of ultra-rapid charging to accommodate those long country drives without having to stop for hours to charge.

If you’re travelling a distance, plan your journey and map out where charge points are located along your route should you need to stop and juice up. But, there’s nothing not to love about an EV, and if you’re into technology like myself you’ll love the inbuilt tech on offer.

Industry Insights

A challenge could be that battery powered vehicles unfortunately have a stigma attached to them which are indeed myths, however the majority of people and clients I work with see the opposite of this and understand it’s a relatively new and quickly evolving means of travel which boasts significant benefits and advantages. The opportunities at present would be new developments being acquired rapidly by landlords, the rise in retail acquisitions is still substantial and as more people delve into buying an EV, the more scope they have to charge at an ultra-rapid destination near them.

As the years go on and vehicle brands expand their electric models, EV’s will gain significant enhancements in DC charging capabilities so watch this space, there’ll be a time where it’ll go from 20-40 minutes at an ultra-rapid, to 5-10 minutes facilitating a full battery charge!

Our aims here at PoGo are ambitious and we’re very determined to reach our goal of deploying 2,000 chargers in the ground by the beginning of 2027 to further enable the Government’s goals of Net Zero by 2035. In the last year, PoGo has achieved some incredible accomplishments having partnered with Kew Green Hotels, LCP Group, Arbdn Property Income Trust to name just a few but also a huge number of singular sites and landlords alike which for us, are just as important as the bigger partnerships.

Personal Touch

I thoroughly enjoy travelling, a weekend trip to Paris with a hot chocolate in hand or equally winding down in my local gym and spa. I have keen interests in property and interior design and am a member of a local children’s club where I like to help out where I can.

We’re a vibrant team, all share the same passions for EV’s and the environment, we work extremely hard to create the best outcome for our partners, but more importantly, we have fun doing it and I’m extremely delighted to be a part of the PoGo growth and the electrifying journey we’re on.

On my travels across the country and (sometimes at the gym) I like to listen to the Everything EV podcast which takes you through episodes of understanding the EV industry, the latest news and influential guests. This giving great insight into the latest trends and talking points impacting our industry, providing invaluable knowledge around what’s coming next in the EV space and any key events to listen out for.

Stay tuned for future editions of the PoGo People Spotlight as we continue to unravel the journeys and insights of the PoGo team, bringing you closer to the heart of our mission to redefine EV charging.


19th December 2023

Andrew Lawrie - Marketing Manager

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