Accelerating the Electric Revolution: New EV Charging Sites Now Live

As part of our exciting partnership with Kew Green Hotels, we’ve opened 3 fantastic new EV charging sites in June 2024! Situated in strategic locations, our contemporary charging stations are designed to make it easy and convenient for EV owners to keep their vehicles charged and on the go. Each site features both ultra-rapid and slow charging speeds, benefitting numerous EV drivers including hotel guests staying overnight and visitors passing by. In this blog, we take a closer look at each of the new charging sites, their features and what this means as we move towards a more sustainable society.

Holiday Inn Colchester

  • Address: Abbotts Lane, Eight Ash Green, Colchester CO6 3QL
  • Features: 6x 200 kW Ultra-Rapid PoGo Touch charging points
    4x 7kW AC charging points
  • Description: Located just outside of Colchester’s vibrant town centre, drivers can power up and also enjoy the exciting local features.

Holiday Inn Derby

  • Address: Bostocks Lane Nottingham, NG10 5NJ
  • Features: 8x 200 kW Ultra-Rapid PoGo Touch charging points
    6x 7kW AC charging points
  • Description: Within close proximity to the M1, our site offers drivers with modern EV charging facilities whilst also providing the opportunity to make use of the fantastic onsite amenities.

Holiday Inn Rugby

  • Address: Crick, Northampton NN6 7XR
  • Features: 8x 200 kW Ultra-Rapid PoGo Touch charging points
    6x 7kW AC charging points
  • Description: Also within easy reach of the M1, this site allows drivers to charge their EV and benefit from the hotel’s top quality facilities.

The opening of these new EV charging sites marks a significant step forward in the expansion of our EV network, providing a convenient and reliable charging experience for EV drivers. With more charging sites available, EV drivers can travel with confidence, knowing that they can easily charge their vehicles on the go, making long road trips and daily commutes a breeze.

In addition to providing more convenient charging options, these new sites also underpin our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. As more people switch to EVs, the demand for charging infrastructure increases, driving innovation and investment in cleaner energy solutions. By investing in EV infrastructure, we’re helping to lower reliance on fossil fuels and promoting cleaner air for everyone. As we continue to expand the UK’s EV infrastructure, we’re excited to see the positive impact it will have on the environment and society. Stay tuned for more updates on our ever-growing network!

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