Empowering EV Drivers – Improving Accessibility for EV Drivers with ChargeSafe

At PoGo Charge, we’re committed to building a safe, accessible EV charging network that benefits both landowners and drivers. Out Managing Director, Stuart Douglas recently met with Kate Tyrell, Co-Founder of ChargeSafe at our new Birmingham site opening where they discussed how we’ve worked together to ensure our services are safer and more accessible for users.

Watch the video to hear from each, as they discuss the advantages this partnership brings for drivers on the PoGo Charge network.

What is ChargeSafe?

ChargeSafe is a 5-star rating system that measures how safe and accessible a public charging location is.

The PoGo team has undertaken training with ChargeSafe to achieve their accreditation, which is then applied to our site design process. This means our new sites are designed with safety and accessibility built in as standard, working with the space available to meet the requirements of the ChargeSafe 5-star rating.

What ChargeSafe Look for

When rating EV charging sites, ChargeSafe look at factors including lighting, security and accessibility. Their measures are heavily influenced by PAS 1899:2022, a guide that provides the foundation for developing inclusive and accessible EV charging sites. However, PAS is a minimal standard and ChargeSafe go above and beyond in their assessment to make sure that it is a truly inclusive user experience.

Enhancing User Experience

By working with ChargeSafe, we’ve been able to establish numerous ways to make our sites more user-friendly. This includes improved accessibility for those with physical impairments, a range of payment options, 24/7 driver support and easy-to-use hardware.

Stuart Douglas, Managing Director at PoGo Charge emphasises that “Accessibility is more than just hashed bays or certain heights of machines and screens. It’s about product, it’s about the driver experience and that means payment, it means cable management, it means lighting – all these feed into the design.” This tying into our goal of building an open network for drivers, thus demonstrating how we continue to go the extra mile in our mission to empower EV drivers.

Looking Towards the Future

PoGo Charge remains dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and safety of our EV charging network. As we expand, our partnership with ChargeSafe will continue to play a crucial role in guiding our site designs and operational practices. We are committed to continually improving the driver experience, ensuring that every site we develop meets the highest standards of accessibility and convenience. Through ongoing innovation and collaboration, we aim to set new benchmarks in the EV charging industry, making sustainable transportation accessible to all.

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