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We pay YOU to rent your land and deploy EV chargers.

PoGo is your trusted partner in creating sustainable revenue streams by converting your land into a vital EV charging network.

With our extensive experience and commitment to reliability, we’re here to energise your property and our planet.

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Efficiency in action

How we work


From site selection to design, we meticulously plan every detail to ensure optimal charging infrastructure placement.



4.Customer Service

Market Leading Technology

The PoGo Touch

Unique 32” touch screen display enhancing driver experience:
• Instructions and additional vehicle charge information
• Provides niche advertising space

Power range of 50kW to 600kW – futureproof technology

Extra long cables and automatic cable management system (CMS)

Second modem for remote monitoring & asset management

Card payment terminal (contactless)

Full power capacity to a single vehicle, or split, allowing two vehicles to charge simultaneously

Built and installed to the specified safety requirements for the industry

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