PoGo Charge Joins Forces with Allstar to Boost EV Charging Network for Fleet Drivers

As one of the UK’s fastest growing ultra-rapid Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Point Operators (CPO) we are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Allstar, which will add more than 250 EV charging points across 96 locations to the Allstar network.

Over the course of this year we will be installing another 1,000 ultra-rapid charging points across the UK to give Allstar users even more places to charge their electric vehicles.

Allstar’s combined payment solution for fuel and EV charging the Allstar Once Electric card, is helping businesses transition part or all of their fleet to zero emission vehicles. By partnering with operators like PoGo Charge, Allstar is increasing the availability and number of charging points its fleet customers can access.

Ashley Tate, MD Allstar Chargepass, comments: “Working with rapid and ultra-rapid networks, which allow our fleet drivers to charge with minimal disruption to their journey, has been a key priority and we are pleased to have PoGo Charge as a new partner. Not only does PoGo Charge provide some of the fastest charging technology, but it is also one of the UK’s fastest growing networks, which means our customers will have even more locations to charge at as it accelerates its infrastructure rollout.”

Stuart Douglas, Managing Director of PoGo Charge, is pleased to be helping business and fleet drivers stay on the road: “With so many businesses already implementing their transition strategies and adding electric vehicles to their fleets, we are proud to be partnering with Allstar which is committed to supporting businesses and drivers make the switch to an electric future.

“We are similarly committed to creating easy and hassle-free charging for all motorists. Our ultra-rapid network is being built to deliver an exceptional customer experience with simple, reliable charging technology across strategic locations nationwide.”

This exciting partnership with Allstar follows other roaming and payment agreements in recent months with Octopus Electroverse, PAUA and Zapmap in order to be visible to more drivers on more platforms.

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