PoGo People Spotlight: Klaudia Napierala

In this edition of “PoGo People Spotlight,” we would like to introduce you to Klaudia Napierala, Pogo Charge’s Commercial Coordinator. Here, she discusses her role at PoGo Charge, her professional experience and thoughts on the future of the ever-evolving EV industry.

Role and Experience:

Can you tell us a bit about your role at PoGo and what it entails on a day-to-day basis?

My role as Commercial Coordinator focuses on driving the progress of contract negotiations by engaging with landlords and identifying key actions to be completed in order to secure the lease. In a nutshell, it is all about getting more ultra rapid chargers out there.

What previous experiences or skills do you bring to the team that you find valuable in the EV industry?

I have been previously coordinating local contracts and service level agreements for residential retirement developments including those for maintenance of EV charging points on site. I am hoping to bring the relevant experience in contract administration along with transferable skills gained in the world of retirement properties into the EV industry.

Are there any specific projects or initiatives you’re particularly proud of?

I am proud of my involvement in a project aiming to retrofit EV chargers into residential retirement developments before I joined PoGo. I know that having charging points available on site has made the EV experience much easier for a lot of the elderly residents.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your work in the EV field, and how do you overcome it?

Navigating a fairly new, fast growing, competitive industry and keeping up with the advancement of technology can be challenging but having a passion for what you do is a way to overcome that.

What sets your team and company apart in the competitive EV industry?

What sets PoGo apart is the ultra-rapid speed of charging, strategical placement of chargers for maximum convenience and the second to none customer service delivered by a team of passionate people.

Passion for EVs:

What inspired you to work in the EV industry, and what excites you the most about it?

I have been intrigued by the innovative technology and how quickly it develops and transforms. I think the most exciting thing about EV industry is the promise of a greener future.

Do you own an EV? If so, what make and model, and what do you love about it? If not, what’s your dream EV?

I do not even own a driving licence. Since I cannot drive myself, my dream EV would be the self-driving kind!

Industry Insights:

What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities in the EV industry today?

The rising price of electricity is certainly going to pose a challenge, but the investment opportunities are endless since electric vehicles will likely become the mainstream mode of transportation in the near future.

As someone deeply involved in this sector, what developments or trends in EVs are you most excited about for the future?

I am probably the most excited about self-driving electric vehicles – the technology that made it possible amazes me.

Can you highlight some key achievements or milestones that PoGo has reached or aims to achieve in the near future?

The Derby site has recently gone live – I believe this has been a great achievement for the PoGo team. Another key achievement worth highlighting is the partnership with Paua which granted fleet drivers easier access to the charge points.

Personal Touch:

What’s your favourite aspect of working with the PoGo team?

So far I think it’s the people. I received a really warm welcome from everyone and truly enjoyed meeting the team behind PoGo’s growth.

When you’re not immersed in the world of EVs, what do you like to do for fun or relaxation?

I like to go to dancing classes, roller-skate, read crime fiction books and listen to true crime podcasts. I also frequent to the dog park and take my cat to the beach.

Is there an EV-related book, podcast, documentary or online resource that you would recommend to someone interested in learning more about this field?

I would recommend the “E for Electric” YouTube channel – I find it to be both entertaining and informative.

Keep checking our Stories page for future Spotlights where we will continue to delve into the heart of the PoGo team and discover more insights into how we aim to revolutionise the EV charging industry.

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