Powering Up Communities: New Charging Sites

PoGo Charge is thrilled to announce the launch of four new charging sites across the UK, further expanding our commitment to providing accessible and sustainable EV charging solutions. From Culbokie to Maypole, these new sites are strategically located to empower drivers and support the growing demand for electric vehicles. Let’s explore each of these exciting additions:

Best Western Woodlands Hotel, Dundee:

  • Address: Best Western Woodlands, Panmure Terrace 13, DD5 2QL, Dundee.
  • Features: 1x 200kW Dual CCS PoGo Touch Plus Ultra-Rapid Charger. 2 Charging Points.
  • Situated in a prime location, this hub is easily accessible for both local residents and travellers passing through Dundee.

Culbokie Community Hub:

  • Address: Culbokie Community Hub, Glascairn Road, IV7 8LF, Culbokie.
  • Features: 1x 150kW CCS/CHAdeMO Ultra-Rapid Charger. 2 Charging Points.
  • Nestled in the heart of Culbokie, this site serves as a convenient pit stop for drivers exploring the Scottish Highlands.

Holiday Inn Lincoln:

  • Address: Holiday Inn Lincoln, Brayford Wharf N, LN1 1YW, Lincoln.
  • Features: 2 x 100kW Dual CCS PoGo Touch Plus Ultra-Rapid Chargers. 4 Charging Points.
    1x 7kW AC Charger. 2 Charging Points.
  • Conveniently located in Lincoln, this site provides drivers with easy access to essential amenities and nearby attractions.

Travelodge Maypole:

  • Address: Travelodge Car Park Maypole, Alcester Road, B14 5JF, Birmingham.
  • Features: 2x 100kW Dual CCS PoGo Touch Plus Ultra-Rapid Chargers. 4 Charging Points.
  • Serving hotel guest and visitors, this charging location offers a range of amenities for EV drivers.

At PoGo Charge, we’re committed to rolling out our network at speed, and at strategic locations with the EV driver in mind. With the addition of these four new locations, we’re empowering communities and driving forward the adoption of electric vehicles across the UK. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to power up your EV experience with PoGo Charge.

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