PoGo & Paua: Supporting Fleet Drivers

PoGo has partnered with Paua to give fleet drivers hassle-free access to our growing network of EV chargers.

By partnering with Paua, the modern alternative to the fuel card for fleet, fleet drivers will now be able to quickly and easily find a PoGo charger and pay for their EV charging session using the Paua app and charge card. Drivers will have access to an additional 100 charge points across the UK, and all new locations will be added to the Paua platform, which is good news for EV fleet drivers because PoGo is expanding across the UK.

Paua is the power behind Motability Go Charge as well as CinchCharge, and is playing a crucial role in supporting fleet operators’ switching to electric by simplifying the EV charging process. It is also giving businesses a zero-emission guarantee as it only partners with networks like us that use 100% renewable energy. The Paua platform tracks all charging sessions made by a fleet’s drivers and provides a single monthly VAT receipt.

“Partnerships like this are key to EV adoption,” says Stuart Douglas, Managing Director of PoGo, “and we’re pleased to be part of Paua’s powerful solution for fleets. Our goal is to enhance the charging experience for EV drivers by eliminating the inconvenience of long charging times by providing best-in-class rapid and ultra-rapid charging, which aligns with Paua’s own mission for businesses.”

Niall Riddell, CEO & Co-Founder of Paua says PoGo’s approach to building an EV charging network is perfect for EV fleets: “Paua drivers seek the widest network of national charge points, and the variety of locations at which PoGo chargers can be found – from strategic roads to prime locations in rural regions – extends our ability to meet customers’ needs for charging. PoGo’s use of 100% renewable energy, combined with easy access to its sites, will also make the PoGo network a real hit with our drivers.”

Click here to find out more on the Paua offering for fleets.

PoGo, which launched six months ago with the aim of creating a network of over 2,000 ultra-modern, ultra-rapid charging stations by 2027, is already rolling out new sites across the country. It has locations secured for 600 new high-power chargers and expects 450 of these to be live by the end of 2024.

PoGo’s partnership with Paua, follows a similar agreement with the roaming service Octopus Electroverse, as well as a partnership with Zapmap to give EV drivers visibility of all PoGo charge points on Zapmap’s website and app.

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