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Our locations

Our chargers are strategically located across the UK to support our ongoing commitment to providing convenient and accessible EV charging solutions


Positioning our EV chargers in a retail setting not only makes it convenient for customers to charge their vehicles while shopping, but it also helps to increase visibility and awareness of electric vehicles to the general public.


Roadside locations are ideal for our EV charger installations as they allow for easy access to charging to meet the varying needs of our drivers. Encouraging the use of electric vehicles by instilling confidence that a PoGo charger awaits.


Conveniently located at hospitality settings, our EV chargers provide an essential service for patrons and locals alike, making it possible for them to charge their vehicle while making use of the local facilities.

Benefits for drivers

  • Reliable and convenient charging options
  • Competitive charging rates
  • Powered by 100% renewable energy
  • Dedicated mobile app for easy navigation and payment
  • Expanding network of high-powered chargers that is continuously growing and upgrading to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles

Benefits for landlords

  • With our fully-funded offering, our team takes care of the installation, operation and maintenance, allowing landlords to focus on their core business activities
  • Attracting and retaining tenants
  • We offer competitive rent and profit share, allowing landlords to benefit from EV uptake
  • Reduce emissions and energy consumption
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and innovation


Payment Options

Providing competitive charging rates and a variety of payment options is a priority for us, as we strive to make the charging experience accessible and convenient for our drivers

Driver Support

We put the customer’s charging experience first by providing highly trained customer service representatives who are always ready to answer any questions and resolve any issues

Charging Speed

With 100kW charging speed available at launch, we will deploy over 100 ultra-rapid charging sites this year

100% Renewable

All of our sites are powered by 100% renewable energy, ensuring we contribute positively to reducing carbon emissions

User Experience

PoGo is an EV charging brand that stands out for its user-friendly approach and focus on making the charging experience enjoyable and easy for drivers

Network Support

Our chargers are regularly serviced and maintained by an expert team of EV-driving engineers 

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