About PoGo

Learn more about PoGo, our mission, and how we aim to make EV charging convenient and reliable for all

Our mission

At PoGo, our mission is to eliminate the inconvenience of long charging times by providing best-in-class rapid and ultra-rapid EV charging. Allowing people to focus on enjoying life’s journey, making EVs the natural choice for all daily and adventure-driven journeys.

Our values


PoGo is committed to making EV charging as accessible as possible to drivers by expanding our charging network and designing its sites with accessibility in mind.


PoGo is dedicated to providing a reliable EV charging experience for our customers. This includes regular maintenance of our charging stations, and providing multiple charging options to meet different needs.


PoGo is committed to promoting sustainable transportation by providing clean and efficient EV charging solutions, powered by 100% renewable energy as we work towards reducing carbon emissions.

Our vision

How will we impact the EV charging industry?

  • Our vision is to be the leading provider of rapid and ultra-rapid charging locations, setting new standards for speed and reliability. We are dedicated to giving people the freedom to live life to the fullest, whether it’s driving the kids to school or embarking on cross-country adventures. 

Our purpose

What will we provide to our drivers?

  • Our purpose at PoGo is to empower drivers with the convenience, reliability, and accessibility they need to fully embrace electric vehicle ownership and to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

How will we impact the EV charging industry?

  • We aim to make the transition to electrification as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our charging network features multiple options, is available in convenient locations and is regularly serviced. We also provide friendly and knowledgeable customer support.