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EV charging
EV Charging
Starting a Charging Session

,With PoGo, our drivers have a range of options to choose from when it comes to starting a charging session.

Contactless payment and RFID card

To activate via contactless/RFID, simply tap your payment card and follow the onscreen instructions. We also accept roaming partners Octopus Electroverse and PAUA.

Mobile app app or webpay
Locate the unique charger number on the charger – “e.g. PoGo12345”.

Download our app from your mobile app store.
Or click here for our webpay feature.

Input this ID number and select the connector you wish to use and follow the on screen instructions on your device.

Tariff information is available via the charger screen itself, the QR code on the charger or click here.

Monitoring your Charging Session

Once the session is underway, you’ll be presented with a screen giving information on how long you have been charging and the power your car has taken. This will also present the tariff which is applied to the charger and the battery state of charge.

By enabling push notifications through your mobile device, sessions activated via the app will receive a notification to inform you of the charge session reaching 80% and 100%.

Ending a Charging Session

To end a charge, open the app and you will be presented with the active charge tab on the toolbar. Select this icon to navigate to the session and then select “end session”.

Similarly, for webpay sessions return to your internet browser used to activate the session and select “end charge”.

To end via contactless/RFID card, simply follow the on-screen instructions to stop the charge and tap the machine card reader with the means of activation, placing the connector back into its holster. 

How long does it take to charge?

The speed your EV charges at depends on the power of the charging point, your vehicle capabilities, battery status and your vehicle state of charge.

PoGo offers a variety of ultra-rapid, rapid and destination charging options. Use our map/app filtering features to locate your nearest and desired charger type.

Our units operate on a power share basis meaning the power distributed from the charger will be shared when both connectors are in use.

If you have questions about the charge speed your vehicle is receiving, your dealership should be able to give you further guidance.

Locating our charging sites

With our website and app maps, drivers can easily locate and navigate to their desired charging point within our extensive charging network. Drivers can also make use of the Zapmap platform and filter by the PoGo Charge option to locate our charging sites.

What to expect at our charging sites

Our charging locations are carefully chosen to provide drivers with easy access, safety, and convenience, featuring well-designed bay layouts and additional amenities for their comfort and convenience while charging

Where to download the mobile app

With our mobile app, you can quickly and easily locate available chargers and start your charging session, monitor the status of your session and view your account details.

Click here for Apple store PoGo Charge app

Click here for Play store PoGo Charge app

Do I need to sign-up before using the app?

Yes, you will need to create an account before you can activate a charge with the mobile app.
You can do this within the app or by visiting this page

How much does it cost to charge?

The cost of charging at our stations can be easily viewed on the charger screen, as well as on our map, app, and website pages.

Click here for full tariff information

Do I have to pay for parking whilst charging?

Our locations vary and local parking restrictions may be in place at our sites. Always check with local signage before parking your vehicle to charge.

Some of our sites require drivers to register their vehicle with the landowner.

Creating a PoGo Account

Creating a PoGo account allows you to activate charging sessions via the mobile app and order an RFID card to activate sessions.

By creating an account, this enables a user to view their charging session history and any settled/outstanding invoices. This also allows our team to get in touch regarding any critical network updates as well as general PoGo announcements.

Click here to create an account today.

I want to order an RFID card

RFID cards come at a one off cost of £10 and take approximately 10-14 days to arrive. Users can have multiple RFID cards associated with one account, simply complete the self-serve form through your online account to place an additional order.

How will I be billed?

For charging sessions activated via app or RFID card you will be required to set up a direct debit with our payment provider GoCardless – this enabling us to invoice you for chargeable sessions on a monthly basis. Users with no mandate in place will be temporarily restricted from charging to ensure revenue can be collected.

Please get in touch with our support team if you have any direct queries relating to your account and payments.

[email protected]

Deleting my account?

If at any time, you wish to cancel our services, you may submit an account closure request at this link.

You will receive a confirmation email with details confirming the closure.

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